Lower Bucks County Scholastic Chess League


Bela's Corner

Lorand Bela Kis, one of the most decorated chess players in Pennsylvania, coaches the New Hope Academy team at the Yardley Campus. His vision, shared by LBCSCL, is to give all local chess players access to coaching. This option to better their games, should raise the level of play in Southeastern PA.

In that vision, Bela created a web series through YouTube for all players to utilize to better their games. Welcome to Bela's Corner!

2018-2019 Lessons

Week 8

The Upset heard around the chess community, NHAy Yardley beats CRS!



Week 7

Girsh of Pennsbury v. Goldovsky of CRS in a battle of two of the highest rated players in our league!


Week 6 

Reilley of LaSalle and Schwartz of Upper Dublin





Week 5

Lieberman of PW V. Perez of Norristown with special guest Ed McKenney on commentary!

Week 3

 Girsh of Pennsbury and Goldovsky of CRS...it doesn't get better in LBCSCL than these two monsters.


 Week 2

Zheng of UD and Cui of GA 



Week 1 

Carter Stephens of Abington against Clayton Ostroff of Lower Moreland


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