Lower Bucks County Scholastic Chess League



The LBCSCL began back in the 1960s in the schools of Lower Bucks County as a way to have chess clubs compete. Today, our name is quite a misnomer as many of our schools do not sit in the seat of Lower Bucks county. We keep the name to tribute those coaches that began our league many years ago. League commissioner Ed McKenney remembers playing in the early versions of LBCSCL. Over the next fifty years or so, schools came and went but the vision remained the same. LBCSCL promoted players of all skill level in our geographic area the chance to enjoy the game. In 2010, we began using this website as a way to archive and organize the league. Records previous to 2010-2011 are packed away in coach's basements at this point. We hope to find and update this section of the site with previous year's information as well.

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