Lower Bucks County Scholastic Chess League


2022-23 LBCSCL Schedule and Scoreboard
Week 1

Tuesday November 15

Norristown 0-5 Germantown Academy

Upper Dublin 2-3 Upper Merion

Council Rock South 5-0 Conwell Egan

Pennsbury 3-2 George School

Lower Moreland 4.5-0.5 Hatboro

Archbishop Wood 3-2 Philadelphia Academy

Abington 5-0 Mount Saint Josephs

Wednesday November 16

Perkiomen Valley 0-5 North Penn

Plymouth Whitemarsh 3-2 LaSalle

Thursday November 17

Council Rock South B 3-2 Holy Ghost Prep

 Week 2:

Tuesday November 29

Norristown 1-4 Upper Dublin

Germantown Academy 4-1Perkiomen Valley

Pennsbury 0-5 Council Rock South

Conwell Egan  0-5 Council Rock South B 

 Holy Ghost Prep 3-2 George School 

Hatboro 3-2 Philadelphia Academy

Abington 5-0 Plymouth Whitemarsh

Wednesday November 30

Mount Saint Josephs 0-5 LaSalle

Upper Merion 0-5 North Penn

 Week 3

Tuesday December 6

Germantown Academy 1.5-3.5 Upper Dublin

Perkiomen Valley 1.5-3.5Upper Merion

Council Rock South 5-0 HGP

Hatboro 3-2 Archbishop Wood

Philadelphia Academy 0-5 Lower Moreland

Mount Saint Josephs 0-5 Plymouth Whitemarsh

Wednesday December 7

LaSalle 0-5 Abington

North Penn 5-0 Norristown

Thursday December 8

Council Rock South B 1-4 George School

 Week 4

Tuesday December 13

Norristown at Perkiomen Valley

Upper Merion at Germantown Academy

Council Rock South at Council Rock South B

Pennsbury at HGP

George School at Conwell Egan

Lower Moreland at Abington

Archbishop Wood at Plymouth Whitemarsh

Philadelphia Academy at Mount Saint Josephs

Wednesday December 14th

Hatboro at LaSalle

Upper Dublin at North Penn

Conwell Egan at Pennsbury (Reschedule from week 3)

Week 5

Tuesday January 10th

Upper Merion at Norristown

Upper Dublin at Perkiomen Valley

Council Rock South at George School 

HGP at Conwell Egan

Mount Saint Josephs at Lower Moreland

Abington at Hatboro

Plymouth Whitemarsh at Philadelphia Academy

Wednesday January 11th

North Penn at Germantown Academy

LaSalle at Archbishop Wood

Thursday January 12th

Council Rock South B at Pennsbury

 Week 6

Tuesday January 17

Germantown Academy at Norristown

Upper Merion at Upper Dublin

Conwell Egan at Council Rock South

George School at Pennsbury

Lower Moreland at Plymouth Whitemarsh

Hatboro at Mount Saint Josephs

Archbishop Wood at Abington

Wednesday January 18

Philadelphia Academy at LaSalle

North Penn at Perkiomen Valley

Thursday January 19

HGP at Council Rock South B

Week 7

Tuesday January 24th

Upper Dublin at Norristown

Perkiomen Valley at Germantown Academy

 Council Rock South at Pennsbury 

 George School at HGP 

Plymouth Whitemarsh at Hatboro

Mount Saint Josephs at Archbishop Wood

Abington at Philadelphia Academy

Wednesday January 25

LaSalle at Lower Moreland

North Penn at Upper Merion

Thursday January 26

Council Rock South B at Conwell Egan

Week 8

Tuesday January 31st

Upper Dublin at Germantown Academy

Upper Merion at Perkiomen Valley

HGP at Council Rock South 

Pennsbury at Conwell Egan

Hatboro at Lower Moreland

Philadelphia Academy at Archbishop Wood

Mount Saint Josephs at Abington

Wednesday February 1

LaSalle at Plymouth Whitemarsh

Norristown at North Penn

Thursday February 2

George School at Council Rock South B

Week 9

Tuesday Febrary 7

Perkiomen Valley at Norristown

Germantown Academy at Upper Merion

HGP at Pennsbury

Council Rock South B at Council Rock South

Conwell Egan at George School

Lower Moreland at Archbishop Wood

Philadelphia Academy at Hatboro

Plymouth Whitemarsh at Abington

Wednesday February 8

LaSalle at Mount Saint Josephs

North Penn at Upper Dublin

Week 10

Tuesday February 14

Norristown at Upper Merion

Perkiomen Valley at Upper Dublin

George School at Council Rock South 

Conwell Egan at HGP

Archbishop Wood at Hatboro

Lower Moreland at Philadelphia Academy

Plymouth Whitemarsh at Mount Saint Josephs

Wednesday February 15th

Abington at LaSalle

Germantown Academy at North Penn

Thursday February 16th

Pennsbury at Council Rock South B

February 20: Make Up Week
Archbishop Wood at Lower Moreland 

 Season End Date February 24
Quarterfinals: February 28

wc4 at dw1

wc3 at dw2

wc 2 at dw3

wc 1 at dw 4

Semi Finals: March 7 

4 at 1

3 at 2

Finals: March 14

Better seed hosts worse seed

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